Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have hit a new milestone in the Wright household. I am no longer a mama. Emma now calls me mommy. Many milestones have come and gone as my girls have grown but this is the first that really made me nostalgic. Sure out growing favorite baby outfits, switching to table food and giving up nursing all come with some finality but this one has given me reason to reflect on my parenting journey thus far. I believe it is because there is so much wrapped up in a name. Sure the first word out of Lydia's mouth was mama but when I became mommy to her I knew I would have another chance to be mama with a second child. There is no plan for a third child here so mama I no longer will be.

I had to smile this past Sunday as I went to pick up Lydia in her class at church. As I was going up the stairs I heard a parent ask their child what they learned about today and the child said "Jesus". Now for me the first thing that popped into my head was "That is an obvious answer" but within a few seconds I realized Lydia has talked about God and His creation a lot recently in church but this is the first lesson about Christ. This really was new information to most of the kids in her class. Ah, the innocence of first learning of Christ is spectacular.

Given these two experiences, this week I am taking some time to reflect on the names of God. If there is so much wrapped up in a name and I have lost the newness of learning about Christ then I must take time to reflect on who God is. How fitting for the Christmas season. I will let you in on what I learn this week.

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BigMama said...

I remember going from mommy to mom. At least I'm not "the old lady" yet... ;-D