Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sleep in heavenly peace

I love to sleep. That very well may be the reason I am not as avid a blogger as I thought I would be. By the time the girls are asleep at night and I finally have time to blog I spend time with Justin and go to bed. It is not uncommon for me to be in bed before 10pm. Not only do I believe in early bed times but I also believe in naps. The girls take a nap at the same time so I spend their nap time having my quiet time and taking a 15-20 min power nap. That is a lot of sleep compared to others I know. I just don't understand how people function on less sleep. Once upon a time I could but I just don't seem able to anymore. But enough about me and my sleep habits.

Preparations for the Christmas holiday have gone pretty smoothly around here. I've had a lot of fun baking various quick breads for gifts and I've been in the Christmas spirit for a long time since I started making Christmas cards in July. I was pleased with all my designs and especially pleased with those that were my own. For those of you who received one I hope you liked it and for those of you who did not I may not have your address or I see you regularly.

I am excited about the Christmas Eve service at our church tomorrow as I will be playing trumpet and the kids will be singing. I love leading the kids in worship and really did enjoy teaching them their song. Although I don't regret quitting my job to stay home with the girls, I really do miss teaching and am glad leading worship with the kids at church helps me fulfill that passion. I will have to share some of the funny stories that you can learn from leading kids in church at another time. I know my sister has shared some gems from her experiences.

On the topic of what I have been learning about the names for Christ I have learned more than I can share here and am not an accomplished enough writer to do justice to what I have learned. I have focused on one more name I will share.. Prince of Peace. There are so many questions that I have thought about when it comes to the word peace and maybe you have some too. How if He was/is the Prince of peace do we see so little peace? What is peace really? Does anyone have peace? How do I get peace? And many more. I know that Christ came to give us peace but not as the world understands it. Peace is so much more than circumstances being without chaos and trouble. True peace is a completeness, wholeness that can only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Am I at peace, yes and no. I am at peace with God but I definitely fall into the trap of looking to my circumstances rather than my God. I want my version of a peaceful life rather than finding God's peace in the midst of things I don't understand. Only when I look to eternity and the bigness of God is it that I am reminded that it's not all about me, it's not all about now. As my pastor spoke this last week, we are on a journey and sometimes I ask the questions are we there yet and what's taking so long. Peace can only come when I look to that which has happened at the cross and resurrection, on Christmas and that reward that will come when this life of mine ends. Only then will I experience the fullness of peace. I am just so thankful that I worship a God who allows me to have glimpses of that peace, His peace on earth. I pray that you all experience a taste of His peace this Christmas.

Good night, I'm going to bed.

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