Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Church girl

As a non video game kinda person I was a bit chagrin when Justin introduced Lydia to Mario Cart on the Wii. Though they don't often play it I was in the room the other day when a very funny series of events took place. Justin was playing Mario cart and Lydia was holding an extra remote "playing" along. Like I said she doesnot play often but being the bright and observant little girl she catches on to things pretty quickly. Justin tells Lydia that he is looking to get the magic bullet as a reward when he hits certain boxes. (The magic bullet helps you go faster.) He got what he calls the magic bullet and Lydia says something like "Yeah daddy, you got the magic bulleitin". Now that is a girls who has been in church her whole life. I got a kick out of it.

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BigMama said...

Told Jason that one & we both laughed! Though Lydia calling Allen Noah is still my favorite "churchy" story!