Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dare I say resolutions?

Well it is that time of year. I am definitely a big goal setter and a rather schedule driven person so this time of year is always exciting to me as I look back at what I set out to achieve and forward to what I want to do in the future. As far as looking back, truthfully I can't recall exactly what resolutions I had last year or exactly how I did so in an effort to be able to not be in the same situation net year I am sharing them with the world.

Linda Dillow is one of my favorite authors and I have read several of her books several times. I am using some of her ideas in my new years resolutions as I find them very helpful. She has a tool called a "priority planner" and I find that I am most productive and balanced when I use it. Of course there is also the part of me that is always looking for the perfect schedule in which I achieve and accomplish everything I set out to do and I know that does not exist in this life. So here it goes.

Priority 1: God - I want to fast at least one full day each month. Having been pregnant and nursing and pregnant and nursing over the past four years has been for me an excuse to put off this spiritual practice. I know that fasting really does make me think more about the sacrifices that God has made on my behalf and I desire to continue to grow in my awareness of Him.

Priority 2: Justin - I want to set up at least one date night a month. That was a goal last year and I believe we almost made it. There are more unknowns in this goal since you can't predict illnesses and the availability of others but I desire to persevere and make this happen.

Priority 3: Lydia and Emma - I desire to respond with loving words and actions to my children. I am an over-reactor and know that my kids pick up on this. I want to respond to situations in a way that the principles I want them to display in life (respect, obedience, good manners, etc.) are the characteristics that I display.

Priority 4: Home - There is definitely room for improvement here as well. I certainly do like to clean and seem to function best when there is less chaos in my physical surroundings therefore I try to maintain some semblance of order. I want to get a handle on my recycling efforts. I need to take it to the center once a month because in my efforts to recycle anything that Fairmont will recycle I am easily overwhelmed by how much there is. My biggest downfall and the loftiest goal in this priority however is menu planning. It seems that no matter how good my intentions I end up deciding last minute what to make for dinner. My desire to make healthy meals sometimes causes more stress and I may need to ease up in order to just get something on the table every once in a while. By the way, feel free to send any good quick and easy recipes my way.

Priority 5: Myself - This is probably the trickiest place for me to come up with resolutions as there are so many areas I would like to set goals so I will only share a few. I want to consistently make time to workout as I have been over the past few months again. I want to take some relational risks. Having had two good friends move over the past year has been difficult and left me wanting some new relationships so I am going to make an effort to get to know some people as friends.

Priority 6: Outside the home - Well goal one is to get outside my home once in a while! Seriously, I want to teach a community music class for toddlers and parents. I've called a few places but have not had any real confirmation. I want to offer a free class that is basically just music exploration for little ones. It just means that I need a facility big enough to meet in that is available for free to me to use. Also, I want to get back into nursing homes. I grew up performing and visiting nursing home and would love for my children to experience the same thing so I am contemplating just how to do that.

So for now, those are my goals and aspirations for 2009. I will keep you posted.