Saturday, February 21, 2009

Driving Miss Megan

Eight years ago when I got married I had to take a driving test. Being from out of state I was required to take the written test again. I figured I would pass since I had been driving for 4 years already but there was a little bit of doubt. I did pass with flying colors. The questions seemed easy enough and I had four years of experience so there was no problem.

Our small group is going through the Starting Point curriculum and this week we are studying law as it is found in the Bible. We were given a very interesting challenge. We were challenged to follow the exact letter of the law when driving this week and report back. I would consider myself a good driver and a law abiding citizen but I was shocked by some observations I made on the way home last night. Within 2 miles of leaving the house we meet in I was met with a realization that I don't know traffic law as well as I thought I did. I can blame it on PA roads since they probably don't have as many of these signs, but I was met with a sign I didn't really understand. I saw the yellow curve sign with the speed 15 posted on it. I was not sure if that speed limit was a caution/warning, a suggestion or the law. I was obedient and slowed down to 15 MPH which seemed super slow. I came across several of these signs before I got to the interstate. I also noticed that on many of the back roads I didn't even know what the speed limit was. Luckily that is not a problem for me when driving WV back roads at night.

I had no problems the rest of the way home but it was amazing how much I go on autopilot when driving. Do I really know the law when driving or do I just do what feels right? What good is a sign to me if I don't know how to read it and what it means? I am looking forward to studying law this week and know that God has new and exciting things to teach me. I'll keep you posted about what I learn.

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