Monday, February 2, 2009

More closet space

Well, I have started the venture of potty training Emma. We actually started last Wednesday to be exact. I am pleased to announce that she had an accident free day today. I am so pleased with the progress that she has made in a few short days. I began with the thought that if it didn't work this time I could always start again in a few weeks or even wait till summer. (I had a false start with Lydia once before the real thing). Emma has proven able and willing on this venture. I thought about calling it quits on the second day but I am so glad I didn't. I even got her to use a public potty yesterday at church. I know that there are many who would call me crazy to even try at 19 months but both my girls have done very well at this age and it saves on the cost of diapers. My attitude with Emma has been much better with Emma than it was with Lydia. I was so stressed about it with Lydia but this time I have truly been able to keep a level head and haven't been upset once. I know I have grown. There are a number of other things I have grown in recently, but more on that later.

Now I have to decide what to do with all the extra closet space I will have once the changing table is moved out of Emma's closet. I am so excited to have more space for toys and other kid stuff and be able to get it out of the way. Yeah for more room to organize. Also, if anyone knows of someone who needs a changing table let me know.

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