Wednesday, March 25, 2009

attitude adjustment

Well, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things with posting blogs. I have a couple I need to edit and post and several back logged in my brain but I am putting them on hold right now to blog what is going on in my life.

I had a really bad day yesterday. It was one of those days where nothing is really wrong but the way you react to the things that happen. I chose to have a bad attitude and wallow in my own selfishness. The saying goes "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and well, it is very true. The girls just followed suit and threw tantrums and fits all morning. I was able to collect myself during my quiet time during the girls nap and when they woke up felt much better. I confessed to a friend on the phone later about my attitude and that was also a big relief.

It so happens that the topic we are studying this week in Starting Point is Grace. I think the message Andy Stanley delivers on grace is perhaps the clearest and best gospel presentation I have ever heard. There is so much about grace that I take for granted, for instance, just how much I NEED IT. As I reflect on just how awful my attitude was yesterday and how it affected my behavior I realize that I need His grace to change and I need His grace during this refining process. I don't want to have a complaining attitude. I desire to be a woman who is grateful for the countless blessings I have.

In order to really "get it" I started reading the book Lord, Change my Attitude (before it's too late) for the second time. In it the author says "Realize this: that very adversity that you so often complain about is the thing God wants to use to keep your heart close to His. In His grace, He grants adversity to bring us close to Him." I don't really want to go into what my poor attitude was about yesterday but I'll tell you these words really spoke true to my heart. How can it be that His grace is the thing that leaves us in a difficult circumstance or situation? How does that really bring anyone closer to Him? Choosing the right attitude means a lot to God. One needs to look no further than the nation of Israel in the Bible to see how God feels about right and wrong attitudes. So for now I am working on adjusting my attitude to what is right and choosing to have a grateful heart rather than a complaining one. I don't know what adversity you are facing now but it is possible that it is not a mere coincidence that you are experiencing it right now. God has a plan and a purpose and although it is not always easy His grace is sufficient to see you through it. Thanks for letting me share.

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