Sunday, March 15, 2009

Musical Monday

I am selfish. I don't want to be and wish that I wasn't but I am. I think I have always known it but am continually seeing how pervasive it is in my life. Getting married certainly peeled off the first layer of recognition of my selfishness. I had someone else to consider and think about. Kids, well that is a whole bunch of layers there. Recognition that I not only have someone else to think about but that they are learning and modeling what they see. That can often be a scary thought. I desire to be selfless and to love others above myself. That is not an easy thing to do since my sinful nature wants to put self first. Reflecting on 1 Cor. 13 and putting my own name in place of the word love quickly puts into perspective just how far I have to go towards truly understanding what love is. I am so grateful to serve a God who is selfless and has gone to such great lengths to show me His unconditional love.

Justin just put some JJ Heller on my zune and I heard this song and knew immediately that I wanted to share it. As I listened to her music I was thinking that if I was a song writer I would write like this. I could so easily relate to so many of her songs. Since I am not a song writer I will let her words speak for me.

Lyrics to Only Love Remains :
Scenes of you come rushing through
You are breaking me down
So break me into pieces
That will grow in the ground
I know that I deserve to die
For the murder in my heart
So be gentle with me Jesus
As you tear me apart

Please kill the liar
Kill the thief in me
You know that I am tired of their cruelty
Breathe into my spirit
Breathe into my veins
Until only love remains

You burn away the ropes that bind
And hold me to the earth
The fire only leaves behind whatever is of worth
I begin to see reality
For the first time in my life
I know that I’m a shadow
But I’m dancing in your light

Teach me to be humble
Call me from the grave
Show me how to walk with you upon the waves
Breathe into my spirit
Breathe into my veins
Until only love remains

I still couldn't link the video to my blo but here is the youtube address if you want to hear her sing it. I highly reccomend using 3 minutes to view it.

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BigMama said...

I absolutely love JJ. She has such a beautiful heart and her songs are just spectacular. I think Small is my personal favorite, but she's got a bunch that are really great.

Awesome choice!