Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fresh eyes

One of the best things about being a parent and working with young kids for that matter is seeing things through their eyes. Everything is new, exciting and an adventure. Spring brings so many exciting adventures to our house. The birds, flowers, trees and I guess just about everything is exciting. Thursday we went to the Morgantown mall and Lydia stopped to pick a few dandelions on the way out. She loves dandelions and what kid doesn't. She considers dandelions picked anywhere but home special and gets very excited by holding them. Since the grass at the mall hadn't been cut yet the median at the entrance is full of dandelions. She was so excited to see them and said "That looks like such a pretty garden."

The dandelion is considered nothing more than a lawn weed. It spreads rapidly and is not a desirable part of a well kept lawn. I myself have always had a special place in my heart for dandelions and other flowering weeds. I even forced my family to go to the wildflower farm on a family vacation growing up. I'm not sure but it is just the thought that there is beauty out of something that is supposed to be a mistake. I need to know that not everything is perfect but there is still the opportunity to have beauty. Not everyone will see beauty in the dandelion but maybe we should. If we look at it with the eyes of a child it is just a flower but if we allow the influence of our intellect our experiences and others around us to cloud our judgment it quickly becomes nothing more than a weed.

For me there is something special about looking at flowering weeds and seeing the beauty. I like to think that the weed has been redeemed for a different purpose than just being a weed. There are many weeds in my life that God wants to redeem and make new. He alone can work all things out for the good, in fact this is His desire for my life. Although the work Christ did on the cross is complete He is still working in my life and the lives of all who have placed their faith in Him. He is still in the process of creating beauty from ashes, making all things new and completing the work He began in me.

As I posted previously my desire is to live and organic life, live in a way that is real and honest. To live this way will undoubtedly not be a weed free existence. God is not done with me yet. Some weeds need to be taken out at the root which can be a painful experience but there is no better gardener to perform this task. He also wants to use my painful weed experiences to show others the beauty that comes from a surrendered life. I need to take an inventory of the weeds in my life and allow God to have His way. There will be some uprooting of certain behaviors and attitudes that don't belong in the garden of my life but there will also come some new beauty to my life.


BigMama said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

young wife&mom said...

hey now..dandilions are my favorite flower! no joke..i love yellow flowers and i don't have to plant them..they just grow. the only problem..they don't grow where you want them and you cant cut them and put them in water..believe i have tried..