Thursday, June 4, 2009

Warm Weather Bliss

I love spring, summer and fall! I love being able to go outside and do so many things. My obsession with warm weather is far more recent than not. I always preferred cool and cold weather most but that changed when I had kids and found out it is so much easier to entertain them when the weather is warm. Lydia is a very active child and quite resistant to independent play so playing inside takes a great deal of effort and planning from me. There is only so much running around in our house I can do but when spring turns up she is very content to run around our yard, play in the dirt or sandbox and swing and slide for hours. We live so close to the rail trail that most days we find ourselves at the trail, feeding the ducks at Pricketts Fort or at a local park. Both girls love feeding the ducks and walking. I also love getting the exercise. Keeping up with an athletic girl on a bike is a really great workout.

Our garden is doing very well right now. All our veggies are coming along nicely but since it is my first time I am looking forward to learning a lot. I may find that I needed to spread certain plants out more but am looking forward to a great harvest and if it goes well possibly expanding to do more next year.

The summer is also bringing about some habit changes for me. I am currently compiling a summer reading list. I'm sure that it won't include much, but I am trying to not get caught up in TV reruns of shows that I don't watch. I don't let the girls watch more than 30-45 min. of TV a day but am not as good limiting my own. I watch TV most nights of the week after the girls are in bed. This summer I want to read during the time I would normally watch TV. I will however leave room for my 1 reality TV favorite, So You Think You Can Dance?. I happen to find the show so entertaining and artistic that I will make time for it. I am now halfway through the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis and am taking advice on other fiction that may be of interest. I am limiting myself to fiction for night time reading and non-fiction to its normal quiet time spot.

That's about it for the randomness of my life for now.

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Maria said...

another good way to end a day is to play games. Adam and I usually watch TV as well in the evenings but I'm trying to incorporate more games. It seems lately it is hard to find games for two or more players (usually they are for three or more) but a couple of games we got was Bananagrams, Scrabble Slam, Phase 10, and Battle of the Sexes.