Friday, July 17, 2009


What is it about a good movie, book or TV show that draws us in? The excitement, the drama, the unexpected and so many other things. I really do enjoy all forms of media and can easily get too caught up in them when I don't set limits on the time I spend with them. I was not disappointed with the new Harry Potter movie this week nor the other movies I watched while visiting a good friend this week. I think the one word that really captures the essence of why we like books, movies, TV, etc. is escape. The ability to escape out of our own mundane, hectic, complicated and sometimes very difficult lives.

I believe that escape, or at least the desire to escape is a rather universal concept. Though escape is so much easier in a fast paced media fanatic world like ours, people from all walks of life from all around the world share a discontent about the life we have. Discontentment with jobs, children, status, position, money, marriage and host of other things battle within us and in the end many of us choose to escape the reality of life for fiction.

If you've been reading for awhile you know that I challenged myself to read more this summer. I've been doing pretty well. I've finished some good fiction and kept reading non-fiction like normal but added one more genre to my list: biography. I love reading biography's as a boost to my spiritual life. I find the difficulties, struggles and victories real people live out to be fascinating and inspirational. One of my favorite biographies (on a short list of those I have read) includes Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place. Corrie grew up in Holland and her family provided refuge for Jew's that were trying to escape the Nazi regime. She and her family were placed in a concentration camp which she survived. Her courage and story are an amazing testament to the glory of God.

I have no doubt that she wanted at times to escape her life and she had every reason to want to. One such time where escape would have been by all intents and purposes excusable was when she was met face to face with one of the guards from the concentration camp. After she was released she went all over the world preaching the love and forgiveness of Christ and at the end of one of her meetings she saw the face of a guard she recognized. At the end of the meeting he came forward to talk to her and told her where he had been a guard and that he was accepting the forgiveness that Christ had to offer. At this time she knew she could not forgive this man, she just couldn't. In my own words, she wanted to escape it all. The amazing thing is that she didn't choose escape because in her heart God did amazing things. She knew she could not forgive him but the God who lived inside her could. Nothing of her own could do what she spoke of doing but God is so much bigger than mere words, thoughts and feelings. She chose to escape into the possible of what God would have for her.

The possiblity to escape our day to day life is at our finger tips each moment of the day. I am in no way saying that enjoying the things life has to offer us is sinful, it's not. I am however challenging you to escape into the possibility of what is real, what is avavilable to each of us through a realtionship with Christ. There is never a dull moment when we let possibility become our daily escape.

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