Friday, July 10, 2009


Vacation was so much fun! We had a really great time in Williamsburg with my parents. We've gone on vacation with them for the past 5 years now and are very grateful that they are so generous to give of their time and finances to afford us the opportunity.

We had a lot of fun just hanging out by the pool, eating food, shopping, playing games and all around relaxing. We even got some sleep! The car ride there and back went really well. The girls entertained themselves with books, coloring pages, music, a movie they watched on a borrowed DVD player and sleeping. When we got there it was raining and cool so we hit the favorite shopping spots of The Goldfish store (Pepperidge farm discount store), Yankee Candle and The Candy Store. How these places are at all exciting to kids is beyond me but they are must see in our little family.

The pool was the place to be from then on. Lydia loved it and by our last day was swimming on her own (with floaties) and loving every minute of it. Emma on the other had took a long time to warm up to the idea but finally on our last swim she was standing on her own and having fun. Justin and I got to go out on a date and enjoy some time alone while the girls stayed with Hoppy and Manna. We did make it down to colonial Williamsburg on evening to see the Drum and Fife band parade through the streets. Lydia loved this and couldn't keep the smile off her face. We also got to see the horses that were in the pasture there and I even fed one some grass.

Not too much thought went into this post but just an update on how our vacation went. Overall it was a very fun trip that hit the spot of getting out of the ordinary daily grind. I loved every minute and hope everyone else has the opportunity to have some fun time this summer.

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