Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wow it's been a long time. I didn't intend on taking a vacation from blogging but I guess I did. I have several blog entries back logged in my mind so I hope to post more frequently till I can catch up on a 4 week hiatus. Anyway, we have been enjoying a nice summer. Parks, VBS, walks, swings, cook outs and those sort of things. One thing that has been a bit more relaxed for us this summer is bed time. Since the girls are a little older and adapt much better to staying up we have felt the liberty to enjoy some later than usual evenings rather than being tied to a specific bedtime. This is definitely a change for me because I am usually in my pj's by 7:30 and forget what it is like to drive in the dark.

On a not so enjoyable part, I've experienced the fight of man vs. nature. While out for an evening walk as a family on the rail trail I stooped down to pick a few blackberries and the next thing I knew I got stung by a bee (or yellow jacket/hornet/not sure what).I got stung 3 times: on the ear, the arm and the eyelid. Ouch! I kept running down the trail swatting at my head trying to loose whatever it was that was stinging me and I am sure I looked incredibly crazy. I was able to laugh at the situation but was cautious next time out. That is not my only sting of the summer. I stepped on a bee on two separate occasions. That definitely hurt more than the eye. Even though my eye was almost swollen shut I don't have to put pressure on it in any way.

The garden has been doing pretty well. We have lots of tomatoes and some cucumbers. Lettuce doing well and the green beans are just about down. Picked some zucchini but the bugs are now demolishing the plant so don't think I will get anymore. Lydia's pumpkin may not make it. The bugs have been pretty brutal and I don't know if it will survive. Well, thats all the time I have for today but look for a few different posts this week. Lots to write and lots going on. Until then, God bless!

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