Monday, October 19, 2009

Wild and wonderful

Our family took off today and toured a little bit of West Virginia. We went to Blackwater Falls and saw the windmills in Tucker County. The girls did well in the car even if Lydia did keep asking the infamous question, "Are we there yet?". It was very cold when we left Fairmont but the car was toasty warm and the weather was beautiful to look at the colorful leaves. We saw what I would consider peak leaf foliage and enjoyed every bit of it. We saw snow in the mountains and the girls thought that was great. We bundled up before heading down the steps to see the falls and found the path covered in slush, snow and ice. We made it down to the first look out and considered stopping but persevered to the next landing and caught just a few pictures. We are planning a return trip in the spring or summer when the steps are not covered in ice. In all it was a fun, spontaneous trip with the family I love in a beautiful state I call home.


young wife&mom said...

gotta love west virginia! looks like a fun family day!

BigMama said...

Great pictures! I'm with you -- WV is totally home!