Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making ammends with houshold appliances

My vacuum and I are good friends. My vacuum "Red" and I have cleaned up many crumbs and pine needles together and we see each other on a regular basis. We have developed a close bond and I am sad that my children want to now interrupting the time we spend together by "helping out". My washer and dryer, which remain nameless, also see each me on a regular basis but there is no fondness to the relationship there. We begin and end most days with rendezvous' yet our bond does not grow stronger and I will not be sad of the day when we are broken apart because of others taking over our relational duties.

Other appliances I have a good and growing relationship with include: my stove and oven, my blender, toaster, mixer, refrigerator, my television and DVD player and so many others. As the new year begins I am taking time to reflect on some skills that have become rusty and one of those skills involves a household appliance, my bread machine. We've had an on again off again kind of relationship, although to be totally honest it has mostly been off again for quite some time. For the last 2 days I have made homemade bread each day and had forgotten just how much I like and have missed it. I started using my bread machine when I really took hold of the "all natural" way of eating. I was really good about using it and always having fresh, natural and healthy snacks and meals on hand. I have somewhat faded in my enthusiasm for being as healthy as I can possibly be but I am determined to make some changes this year and making bread is one.

Some pitfalls I expect to encounter are as follows: 1. It takes a lot more planning and preparation to cook and bake healthy foods. Probably the reason I got out of the habit. I need to spend time making menu plans for everything we eat and even though I do make most of meals from scratch I need to make them a bit healthier. 2. I expect some resistance from Lydia and Emma as they have gotten used to a few too many sweet treats and the occasional junk food. I know that my efforts will be worth it but I also know I will experience some fits along the way. 3. Time and money spent shopping will increase.

Positive outcomes I hope to achieve: 1. Living in a way that I know benifits my body, mind and soul. 2. Stronger immune systems and physical bodies for all our family. 3. Reaching and maintaining my ideal healthy weight. 4. Blogging from time to time about how my efforts are going. Well, that is it for now. Just got back from Food Lion with some healthy foods and am making an attack plan with some healthy recipes.

Please let me know your favorite healthy snacks and meals. Thanks for you rinput.

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