Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creative Tip Tuesday

I have come to believe that to enjoy life (and all that includes) it takes A LOT of creativity. I also know that I do not possess enough creativity on my own to make life very much fun or enjoy the journey. The truth is that there have been season's in my life where I have not applied creativity and as a result didn't really delight in that season of life. I know my children are young but there are so many days where I lack any creativity at all and need help and guidance. In these times I know that I need a boost of energy.

There are two ways I choose to handle these times. First, I choose to remain attached to the vine. John 15:5 says' "I (Jesus) am the vine and you are the branches. If a man remains in me he will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing." This verse really sums up my thoughts about creativity and life. When I remain attached to and abide in Christ rather than trying to accomplish things in my own strength I will succeed. Second, I look to other people as examples for how to apply creativity to my life. In writing these creative tip Tuesday's I want to encourage other people that indeed everyone is creative sometimes and we should not be afraid to share it. I will include creative tips on all areas of life, some from my own brain and some I have either taken or adapted from other people and sources.

I think too many people fail to share what is really working for them or their creative ideas because they feel guilty because they know they don't measure up to that same level of creativity everyday. I personally am convinced that this side of heaven no one will ever measure up all the time and we will all have "those days" where it all goes wrong. I am choosing not to let this mindset keep me from sharing things that matter to me and work for me. Be encouraged that I do not have it all together (far from it) and I only want to share to build others up and encourage others to search out creative ideas for living.

If you are a fellow blogger may I ask you to consider adding Creative Tip Tuesday to your repertoire occasionally so we can all benefit and learn from your most creative ideas. I would love to learn as much as I can from as many people as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy a few creative winter activities I have done with the girl.

I try to choose a theme for each week or two then just use the internet to search for crafts (2-3), books, games, activities and songs. It really isn't my creativity but my time searching to find other people's creative ideas.

Top picture and second picture were from our week on snowmen. I like to include as fun snack or theme meal each week. The girls helped with making them.

Snowflake activities: crafts, snacks, games songs, books etc. This activity is where we talked about how God washes our sin to become white as snow, we made a snowflake craft and stood on the stool and taking turns to turn white as snow. (I love to make God centered activities each week for the girls to focus on too, often these themes/virtues run all month long.)

These are our mitten activities: we sorted, threw them in a basket, played hid and seek, 3 different crafts, mitten sandwiches, acted out The Mitten Story book and sang a few mitten songs.

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wvniessners said...

Well I was hoping we could use that day and some of your other day themes. I love them! You will probably see them popping up on our blog at some point. Stacey