Saturday, February 27, 2010

Culinary First

Justin and I have watched some of the Olympics over the past 2 weeks and although we have gone to bed too early to see many medals awarded we have seen a Long John Silvers add a few times and it has given Justin the hankering for some hush puppies. Knowing just how horrible they are for you I decided to try making my own at home tonight.

I made the batter, started the oil in the frying pan and then went to put the last few ingredients in. Justin walked into the kitchen and saw smoke coming from the pan and I knew that was a bad thing. Yes, we experienced our first grease fire. We tried to put baking soda on it (Justin's suggestion) but we only had about half a box so we ended up throwing the whole pan, grease fire and all, out into the snow in the back yard. The cabinets are fine, the smell is disipating thanks to febreeze and the hood of our stovetop needs to be repainted. I cleaned it as best as I could but it will need to be painted to make up for the fact that it has a big burn mark on it. Oh, the joys of trying new things. We ended up going out to Cracker Barrel and the rest of the evening has been uneventful but we are very glad to be safe and sound and no worse as a result of this cooking adventure gone awry.

Here is an article on how to put out a grease fire just in case you are wondering. We tried to do it right but ended up doing what they tell you not to do by taking it outside.


young wife&mom said...

we go to LJS every so often..and we love the "hush-puffins" as caleb and jack call them. i figure every once in a while isn't going to kill anyone:)
glad no one got hurt in your fire though!

Maria said...

Yikes!! I'm glad everyone was safe!