Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Tip Tuesday

All right, this is for all you frugal, save a buck kinda people. I recently saw a blog post about the color wheel activity idea here that made me come up with this idea. I love the website Totally Tots and get a lot of ideas from there and from some of their contributors so I cannot claim total creativity on this idea. The girls always come home from church with crafts and coloring pages that almost always go straight into the craft box that I empty a couple times a year but after seeing an idea about putting sheet protectors over worksheets so they can be used multiple times I thought I could do the same with the church papers. When they have a sheet protector over them they can be used with play dough or some food color water with medicine droppers. I tried it with the girls today to go over their lessons from this week and last week and they had a blast. I converted a few nice coloring/activity books into sheet protectors as well so that they can be used several times. I think this is going to be a great way for my girls to do activities and games and is a great way for me not to have to waste a ton of paper and printer ink by printing them over and over. If a person has access to a laminator then that is the best idea but since I am too cheap to buy one, sheet protectors will have to suffice. Here are some pictures of the girls using the medicine droppers and colored water.

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wvniessners said...

When we were little, my dad would put contact paper over the Hidden Pictures page in our Highlights magazine and then we used a dwet erase marker to find our items. There were five of us so this way we all got a chance to do it. I have always remembered that for some reason.