Friday, May 21, 2010

Farm week

Farm activities - ready to go!

Farm collages with rice and other fun stuff that pops out.

Several activities included getting in the pond. The girls loved these activities!

It has been an absolute blast having farm week. I loved planning it and had a bunch of great ideas and the girls had fun too. We had crafts, activities, songs, books and a lot of fun. I have a friend who lives on a farm and we are going to take a trip to visit her in the next week or two which should be a great field trip. Next week we move on to food and nutrition because without farms we couldn't eat.

Two things about farm week. The first is a funny story from Lydia. We were reading a book about a farm. One page was about how the cows were out in the pasture. In order to reinforce good vocabulary I asked Lydia what a pasture was. She told me that a pasture was a field where animals ate and were fenced in so that they couldn't escape. Pretty smart, but then she did some funny word association and also told me that a pasture was a person who talked to you, like Pastor ______ and Pastor Daddy. I still believe that is one pretty smart girl and love just how much she makes me laugh.

The second thing that I am once again realizing (have been for awhile now) is just how much of a perfectionist I am. When I take time to plan and organize things it really throws me for a loop when things don't go my way. Even a simple craft can cause a certain amount of anxiety for me when I have in my mind only one acceptable way to do it. God is really working on my perfectionism in all my relationships and just how much I want to be in control of everything. I have so much to say about this but not the time right now so expect a longer post about this soon.

BTW, if anyone is ever interested in borrowing or using my ideas and theme weeks let me know. I have files for the games and ideas on my computer and would be happy to share. That goes to say that if you have any great ideas, please pass them my way. Thanks.

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Lauren said...

Hi, Megan! I would love some of your stuff! I sadly don't have much to share with you as everything I use for the girls is probably to young for you :( So if you're willing to share with nothing in return (for now!), that would be awesome! Lorrie has my e-mail address if you are up for it :)