Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Church Signs

You've seen them. Church signs that make you say, uhm..., or what? or just shake your head. I've seen a lot of church signs in my day and most of the time I just move on with life and try not give to much thought to them. Some signs go for the corny or cheesy sayings, some try to be thought provoking, some try to convict and point to the truth, and some simply try to be informational.

Now, I love volunteering at church and have since I was a young girl but can honestly say that I would never want the job of church sign maker-uper (?). I try to be gracious towards the people who come up with the quotes and scriptures that they believe others need to hear and think about. Though I often find myself disagreeing with the methodology which they are using to provoke thought in others in order to reach them I rarely have serious theological issues with what is posted. That is until I saw the sign I saw this week.

I was amazed that such a short phrase could evoke such head spinning thoughts for me but it did just that. I am trying to be gracious towards the person who put it up and I am trying to understand why it was allowed to stay up but nonetheless I wanted to be on record at just how much this has no reflection on who I believe God is. Are you ready?

The sign read as follows: "Don't make me come down there. - God"

Wow. Let it sink in a minute or two and see if you can come up with why this sign would bother me so much.

Now that you have thought about it I will give a few reasons (though there are so many) that the sign bothered me enough to blog about it.

1.) He already did. It is a foundational teaching of the Christian church that God became man and dwelt among His people. Jesus was born the Messiah, GOD WITH US!

2.) As Christians we are supposed to desire with hope and expectancy the second coming, so yes, I do want Him to come down here.

3.) If I try to think about why the writer of this sign thought it was cute I guess I can see that they were trying to tap into all the parents who have either said, wanted to say or will say these exact words. The problem I have with this is that God in NO WAY can be compared to any human parent EVER. God is not sitting in heaven waiting for us to mess up, He does not want to instill in us an unhealthy fear of behaving perfectly nor does He leave us to our own devices to figure it all and and hope for the best. God is unlike any person we know and therefore cannot be compared to anyone or anything.

Obviously blogs are a wonderful place to share personal opinions so if you disagree with me that is ok you don't have to read my opinions. My goal with this post was not to be divisive or sarcastic but to help people who have serious issues with God being compared to a Father throughout the Bible to not misunderstand what that means. God is unlike any father we have ever known and I want what we as Christians to reflect His love and grace towards His children. Yes, He is holy and perfect, but He loves and forgives without conditions.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this as well.


Maria said...

I never saw this from this perspective before. Very true. Whenever I'd seen that in the past, I would chuckle. But now, it does frustrate me and I defintely don't want to chuckle. Thanks for sharing your insight on this.

Alise said...

Ya' know what else I hate? When people put words in God's mouth. I mean, we have enough trouble deciphering what the Bible means as it is. I absolutely HATED that whole set of "God" billboards that came out about 5 or 6 years ago for that reason.

And you're right. God coming down here is pretty much the whole point. Sheesh!