Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Reading list

I like TV. Sometimes I wish I didn't but at the end of the day I like to wind down by watching a show or two. I only have few that I follow regularly but can watch something just about every night. I like to read too but often don't take the time to read as much as I want so summer is always a great time for me to spend more time reading. Here is my current reading list:

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity - Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof
Boredom Busters - Barbara Vogelgesang
Making Children Mind without Losing Yours - Kevin Leman
Friendship for Grown-ups - Lisa Whelchel
So Long, Insecurity - Beth Moore
The Eden Diet - Rita Hancock
Discipline of Grace - Jerry Bridges
The Joy of Fearing God - Jerry Bridges

I have several others I am sure I am missing and would gladly take suggestions. Here's to a great reading summer!


young wife&mom said...

funny..i have a list too. and on my list is to finish the Kevin Lehman book you have listed as well.
maybe we can get together and talk about it when you get to it. boy that's a big list megan! mine has like 3 books! ha.

Heidi Bylsma said...

I love Jerry Bridges' books. Both of those are GREAT books! You will love them! :-)

Maria said...

let me know how Lehman's book is and also the one by Beth Moore....I am thinking of picking that up the next time I'm at Walmart since it's such a struggle in my life. Enjoy reading time!!

Gwenc5543 said...

Megan, I listened to the Beth Moore book on your list on audio on the way to a woman's conference. I liked it so well, I bought it in print too (wanted it for easy reference). I think every woman needs to read this book---it is phenomenal.
I also have a reading list and was planning on posting on my blog soon. I love to see what others are reading because I am always looking for something interesting to add to my list.

Alise said...

If you get a chance, I still recommend "Same Kind of Different As Me" by Denver Moore & Ron Hall. Truly beautiful book.