Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

So, how does a person who is trying to escape the grips of an eating disorder plan menus? Just like I have been doing all along only with a lot more prayer than anxiety.  The difference is that I am trying not to stress, worry, over analyze and control everything.  Sure, a menu plan is a form of control but it also gives me the ability to spend money wisely and not have the concern each day with what I am going to eat.  I don't waste needless time thinking about food.  I have prayed over the food choices for the week and will be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit if there needs to be a change.  If anyone can benefit from seeing inside my brain, food choices and nutrition this will give them the opportunity.

  • coconut blueberry muffins
  • eggs
  • fruit smoothie & toast
  • eggs in a frame
  • yogurt parfait
  • french toast
  • cereal
  • hard boiled eggs, veggies&dip, fruit
  • pasta salad with cheese chunks and veggies
  • fruited tuna
  • peanut butter and banana wrap
  • homemade lunchable
  • soup
  • pizza buns
  • Fish, rice and veggie
  • Broccoli beef Stir fry  with quinoa
  • chicken, sweet potato and green beans
  • meat loaf, veggie and mashed cauliflower
  • homemade chicken nuggets, mac n cheese and veggie
  • meatballs and green salad
Yummy! So many good things or at least things that sound good to me. Have a great week!

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