Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am a verbal processor and love to talk through what God is teaching me and what I am learning and practicing from that.  The only problem is that I often choose silence over verbal processing because it is more predictable and less overwhelming.  By choosing escape I don't actually have to change and I don't have to face the possibility of failure. When I started this blog I simply wanted to share life and have a written journal (albeit public) of how I want to match my life to the rhythm of God. To be authentic in that I just need to write.  I need to give voice to the good and the bad because that is all part of the process called life.  It may not all be positive or encouraging, it may not be pretty or even well written but I want it to reflect me and where I am at.

I am processing through what feels like a lot right now.
  • Moments of victory
  • Moments of defeat
  • Intentional living
  •  Surrender
  • Taking thoughts captive
  • Obedience
In the process of writing I am hoping to bring about a voice to the journey I am on in light of the truth of God's word and I pray that God is glorified. A couple years ago I wrote this mission statement: I desire to know and love God more and to consistently have my actions, attitudes and thoughts reflect a passionate love for Christ, recognizing this can only be accomplished because of and through His grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. I still love it and want to press on to having my life truly reflect this mission statement.  I am really excited about where God has me right now but I also want to give up at times and choose to ignore where He wants to lead me.  Anyway, that is some of what I am processing right now.  Blessings to you and thanks for reading!

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