Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My favorite story from today...

Today I was watching 2 extra little girls, Emma, another 4 yr old girl and her little sister who is 20 months old.  They were sitting around the lunch table and they got the giggles.  The reason they got the giggles is the universally funny potty word "toot". Now, we don't allow potty talk at the table but once they were already laughing it is pretty hard to stop them.  Besides, it is pretty hard to correct an innocent 20 month year old who is not your own.  I let them have their moment before I put a stop to it but I couldn't help but laugh with them too.  It just proves that no matter what age or what gender some words are always funny.

I am back to the prompts, I spent last week preparing for a youth event at church.  20 kids showed up and I hope they had some semblance of a good time.  Thanks for reading!

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