Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 things I am loving (frugal or not!)

Ok, everyone seems to have read my last post on frugal ideas but only one of you commented with any ideas! Some of you may even have been scared by reading some of the things we do in our house to cut costs so I wanted to post some of the things I am loving right now. Some of these things are borderline frugal and some are not. Enjoy!

1. Dawn with Olay hand renewal - I wash all this dishes in our house so even though I would love to use natural and homemade dish soap I am really enjoying this right now. My hands get quite dry and this is helping take the edge off the cracking and bleeding that usually comes this time of year.

2. Coconut oil and coconut flour. Justin and I are not 100% committed to a grain free diet but are replacing some staple foods with grain free alternatives and these products are essential to do that. I love making pancakes and muffins with the flour and the coconut oil is great for sauteing. I also use the coconut oil as hand salve to prevent the dryness that comes this time of year.

3. Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste - I have been struggling with a very sensitive tooth and after trying a few sensitive toothpaste brands Justin came home with this and I have found our new toothpaste. My tooth is definitely healing and feels much better. I have looked up a few homemade toothpaste recipes to try but I just may stick with this one.

4. Since I was having some tooth issues and Justin was too we decided to pre-spend some of our Christmas money. We always get Christmas money from our grandparents and we had a little "cushion" in the bank so Justin came home with a Phillips Sonic Care electric toothbrush. My teeth feel so clean and I am glad we made that investment.

5. Speaking of "cushion" Justin surprised me by buying me a new Christmas tree this year. After 11 years we finally own a tree. My grandmother had given me one when we got married and a few years ago the pre-lit lights went dead but being cheap and frugal I still didn't replace it. I have looked after Christmas the past few years but never justified the expense so Justin did it for me. We don't exchange gifts usually for Christmas so this was a nice early present.

6. Bonus: I have a friend who recently threw a birthday party for her son and instead of the guests bringing gifts for the child they brought gifts to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes. I absolutely love this idea! After a year and a half of being on the birthday party circuit I know just how frustrated I can get by seeing kids get all kinds of gifts they could care less about. I am all for celebrations but I know what my kids are likely to want, need and play with. Giving a gift to someone else that really needs it speaks to my heart so much. Just something to consider.

Thanks for reading!


Alise said...

Coconut oil also has...other...uses. But for reals. Ever since I discovered it a few years ago, that's a go-to in more than just the kitchen. ;-D

Maria said...

I absolutely LOVE the OCC idea for birthday parties. Kids get SOOO much these days. And really, the joy of their birthday parties should be a party with their friends! I may take your friend's idea for Liam (altho his bday is in May, I can stash the stuff til Dec.)

I love that in being frugal in some things, we can splurge in the things that really are important to us, like what kind of flour or toothpaste we use. Frugality is fun, I think! It's always a challenge to find something at a bargain!