Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shoes and Feet

My shoes:

Functional.  Practical.  Sturdy.  Clearance.  These are all words that explain my wardrobe and shoes.  A fashionista I am not.  I have never understood many women's fascination with shoes and my own footwear reflects that.  On the rare occasions I get compliments on my shoes it is because I benefited from another woman's good taste and desperate need to clean out her closet. (Ie.  I wear used shoes.  Gasp.)

Barely worn AE shoes I got for $3 a couple weeks ago.

While I have a few pair of shoes here is a glimpse of my "go to" pair of shoes.  I bought these brown clogs several years ago and they have seen lots of wear and tear.

Back and bottom view

Other peoples shoes:

Our church is currently going through a series about the radical life that Jesus led and how our lives can be radically changed by following His lead.  The first week of the series they gave the entire church a radical challenge; leave your shoes behind.  As in...that day.  Walk out without anything on your feet.  Lots of people did it and it was cool.

Pile of shoes left behind for Soles for Souls.

I knew ahead of time that this was taking place so I had time to think about which pair to wear that day.  I chose to wear my nicest shoes.  They were a pair of barely worn Tommy Hilfiger loafers I had scored at a local thrift shop.  Honestly, it wasn't a hard decision for me.  Being one who doesn't seem to have an attachment to shoes and having seen firsthand people who live with few personal possessions, including shoes, I was glad to give to someone else in need.

Beautiful Feet:

Here is a peek at my most recent shoe purchase.

My new Keens

Can't wait to get some African dirt on them!

I totally splurged when I bought these.  However, I knew that when my feet plod the African earth this summer they need to be well cared for or my aging body will give out much faster than I would like.  So, I've got a new pair of shoes to wear this summer.  But more importantly I am excited that my feet get to go on a journey, a journey in which I get to be the hands and feet of my very BIG God.  I am praying that as my feet take me on this journey so far away, God would use me and my team to minister, encourage and love on the people we come in contact with.  I pray that God uses my feet to take His word and His message to people who have never heard and experienced it before.

How lovely on the mountains Are the feet of him who brings good news, Who announces peace And brings good news of happiness, Who announces salvation, And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"  Isaiah 52:7

The beauty of feet is that no matter where we are or what we are doing, when we are living for God's glory our feet are beautiful.  Thank you for your continued prayers and your support and encouragement. 

Though I don't blog as regualarly on here as I would like, when my favorite mommy blogger had a link up about shoes I knew I wanted to share.  Thanks Jodi!  You rock and I am glad to share part of my story with you.

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Jodi McKenna said...

I wore Keens in India! They were the BEST. Perfect for hot weather and dirt. So excited for you!!! This post made me smile so big . . . everyone at Starbucks must wonder what is going on on my computer!!! Thanks for sharing. That trip will be spectacular!