Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Young Life Club in Africa

After resting and eating our team spent some time reading and discussing Proverbs 3:5-6 and then praying.   It was an encouraging time and helped us prepare for the spiritual retreat we would be leading for Young Life leaders the next day.  James (a Young Life Director) picked us up to take us to Young Life Club.  We all packed in our matatu and headed to club.  Not having had time to meet and prepare the music for the retreat ahead of time the guitar and our voices were heard belting out different worship songs in a van on the streets of Nairobi.  Fun times!

We arrived at club and jumped right in to meet local YL leaders and students.  We spent some time meeting and talking to the students who showed up.  The students were interested in knowing everything about us and about America so conversations were easy to start.  Club kicked off with a few games and antics.  "Nyama, Nyama, Nyama" (meat, meat, meat) was a soon to be favorite.  We also learned a few other dances & songs that would resurface again and again during our time in Kenya.

Ernest (a YL leader) shared about what God was doing in his life and offered a prayer.  Then our team was asked to sing.  Another team member led the group in the song Trading my Sorrows which the students joined in singing.  We taught the students the "Let's Go, Mountaineers" cheer and attempted to sing Country Roads.  I say attempted because I was leading it and messed up the lyrics and when we started over again we started too high for most of the team.  Oh well. Noting like laughter to make closer friends.

Getting to know students

Picture of the club building with students

I know the quality of the video is absolutely horrible but thought some of you may enjoy it anyway.  Let's Go...Mountaineers!

Club was great and from what I was told it is run very much like YL club in America.  Amazing to see God working throughout the world in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives.

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