Wednesday, September 5, 2012

African Safari

Of my previous 3 trips to the continent of Africa I have never traveled to a part that had any wildlife one would usually consider traditionally African.  However, this trip to Kenya in East Africa provided me with the opportunity to go on a Safari at the Nairobi National Park.  I was one of several team members who decided to take this great opportunity to go on safari and let me tell you, it was so cool.  We got to see a wide variety of African animals and we had such a good time.  There are lots of stories I could tell about the day but I know that it's the pictures you really care about.

Funny story about our approach to the lions.  Someone was video taping the lions and apparently my "flight" mode must have kicked in.  I have been told I was mildly freaking out about how close we were getting to the lions.  Can't wait to see/hear that for myself.

God is great and mighty and seeing His creative handiwork was such a magnificent experience. 


Jenni said...

Great pics. I couldn't help but think of The Lion King!

Maria said...

Great pix!!!