Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Orange, Happiness and Surrender

I began the summer studying Esther with Beth Moore so it is very fitting I ended my summer with the final week on our vacation at the beach.

I wanted to finish my final day at the beach, wearing orange. Why orange? It has always been and will forever be my favorite color. Orange simply makes me smile every time I see it and after a year of plenty of tears and turmoil, I wanted to wear orange and be happy. Having never been one to decorate with or wear orange, I found the perfect orange dress and bought it immediately.

"We often speak of happiness as a less noble term than joyfulness because the former is circumstantial and the latter less conditional. I won't argue with that, but when God intervenes in our circumstances and we get a chance not only to know we're blessed but feel blessed, nothing is more appropriate than seizing the happy moment. 'A time of happiness' can come like a shot of B-12 to the soul to boost your system when darkness spreads once again like a virus." ~ Beth Moore, Esther (week 8, day 5)

The story God has penned into my life is complex and at times difficult. I'm sure the story of your life is the same. There have been circumstances over the last 6 months that have tempted me to throw my hands in the air and give up. My study this summer taught me that giving up is not the answer, surrender is. The challenges of our lives are unknown to us and the cost of surrender is great. The great news though is that God knows us by name and He wants to write our story.  Through surrender I am able to open the pages of my heart to be written and rewritten by the Author and Perfecter of my faith. A challenge? You bet it is, but there is no other way. So I will continue to learn and relearn how to surrender and God will faithfully craft His story in my life. He will do the same for you. Will you let Him?


Edisto Island, SC 

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young wife&mom said...

beautiful dress. beautiful lady. thanks for always sharing your heart and your faith.