Monday, October 19, 2009

Wild and wonderful

Our family took off today and toured a little bit of West Virginia. We went to Blackwater Falls and saw the windmills in Tucker County. The girls did well in the car even if Lydia did keep asking the infamous question, "Are we there yet?". It was very cold when we left Fairmont but the car was toasty warm and the weather was beautiful to look at the colorful leaves. We saw what I would consider peak leaf foliage and enjoyed every bit of it. We saw snow in the mountains and the girls thought that was great. We bundled up before heading down the steps to see the falls and found the path covered in slush, snow and ice. We made it down to the first look out and considered stopping but persevered to the next landing and caught just a few pictures. We are planning a return trip in the spring or summer when the steps are not covered in ice. In all it was a fun, spontaneous trip with the family I love in a beautiful state I call home.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Musical Monday

Our small group is reading and participating in the accompanying study for Francis Chan's book crazy love. Everyone seems to be enjoying it and finding the book very challenging. As a group we just finished chapter 3 this last week. In the study material Francis Chan challenged each of us to keep the cross before us, allow the sacrifice God made for us to invade our lives that we would recognize just how crazy a love God has for us. We sang this song at church yesterday and I was touched and reminded that the cross should be a shadow across my heart and my response to that love is a desire to know Him and spend time with Him.

None but Jesus

In the quiet, in the stillness
I know that You are God
In the secret of Your presence
I know there I am restored

When You call I won't refuse
Each new day again I'll choose

There is no one else for me
None but Jesus
Crucified to set me free
Now I live to bring Him praise

In the chaos, in confusion
I know You're Sovereign still
In the moment of my weakness
You give me grace to do Your will

When You call I won't delay
This my song through all my days

All my delight is in You Lord
All of my hope, all of my strength
All my delight is in You Lord Forevermore

Hillsong United

Here is the Youtube URL:

Saturday, October 10, 2009


God is Awesome! God has really been working in me over the past month and I have much to share about the journey but for now I just want to share with you three separate worship experiences.

Three Rivers Stadium, 30 thousand people (maybe more), sun shining, bright colored shirts, singing I Surrender All with a couple hundred other people. I had the unique privilege to sing in the Billy Graham Crusade choir when I was young. My mother and I sang in every crusade that week and I have no idea how many lives were changed but I am sure it was a lot. My own life was changed because the experience taught me how to love God through worship. My spirit and God's spirit were united in worship at that moment and it has left an indelible mark on my life.

Cement walls, tin roof, dust, heat, 50 African men, women and children singing quite loudly and emphatically the same song, I Surrender All. Spending time in a culture where people have so little yet give so much teaches you about worship. As a young woman on a mission trip to a very remote area I was surrounded by the truth of this world we live in, it is broken. Why there is such inequality simply because of where you were born or the color of your skin is beyond my comprehension. On that day I worshiped in the truth that my God is bigger than the present reality of this world and He deserves worship simply because HE IS GOD.

Zune in hand, earphones in, kneeling on the floor of my bedroom 40 minutes ago, listening to I Surrender All. There is something so sweet about those worship moments that occur unexpectedly and unknown to all but God. (Of course here I am telling all of you :) ) God is really doing some refining work in my life recently and there is part of me that is trying to do the refining work on my own. God is God and well, I am not. What business do I have trying, in my own effort, to do the work that only He can do? I want to bask in the love of God and truly learn to worship Him in both spirit and truth. I am blessed to have worship moments that are obvious markers of God's work in my life and that I have a God who is faithful to always meet me where I am at. There will come a day when I will meet Him face to face and will bow before Him in unending worship but for now I desire so much to practice that which I will do for all eternity. "But the time is coming - indeed it's HERE NOW - when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way." John 4:23 (emphasis mine) I am continuing on this journey to worship my heavenly Father in spirit and truth.