Saturday, February 7, 2015


A year ago today my mom passed from this life to the next. I miss her everyday. Since none of my friends were able to make it to the funeral I wanted to share the eulogy I spoke that day. I am sharing it here just as I wrote it that week. No grammatical changes or refining. As part of my remembering and grieving I want to share her story with the world. 

“It’s an honor to be here today to share a few words about my mom. So many thoughts and memories rushed to my mind when I sat down to prepare what I was going to say today. Memories of her fierce love for her family and her genuine care and concern for everyone she met. I thought about her contagious smile, prayerful heart and gentle spirit. Today however, I want to share with you about two of her favorite things in life, her love of music and her faith in God.

Mom began sharing the gift of music so many years ago. From directing a choir of sorority sisters, to Easter sunrise services, One Achord and the Campraise Orchestra.
She was even the director of our family ministry, Mountain Top Experience. She was always sharing the gift of music. But even more than simply sharing the gift of music I believe my mom was inviting us to take part in the eternal anthem.

For my mom, music and performing were not about making much of herself and her life. She willingly traded in her lead role to take on a supporting role in the grand story of God. Through sharing music with countless individuals mom was adding to the soundtrack of the amazing and unending story of God. Her example to me, to all of us, is that our life’s purpose is meant to bring glory and renown to God and God alone. The soundtrack of mom’s life was beautifully orchestrated by the Creator of the universe, because she willingly gave up her life to add to the melodious sound of the eternal anthem of God’s glory.

The second aspect of my mom’s life that binds many of the hearts in this room is her faith. Perhaps it was through a handwritten note, a jar of shells, a teacup, a listening ear or a copy of her favorite devotional, “Streams in the desert”. Oh how many lessons I could learn from observing my mom’s faith.

She loved without borders, trusted unwaveringly, suffered graciously and surrendered completely. During her most difficult times her faith did not waver. The intimacy with which she approached her walk with her Savior is an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many of you.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to serve and worship alongside my mom since I was a child. Her faith was deeply personal and widely spread. She shared with gentleness, deep conviction and most of all compassion. She was always inviting people to find strength, peace, purpose and hope from the Savior she knew and loved.

Each day she walked with humility and mercy. Her daily life was a sweet aroma that came from her time spent with God. She knew God and lived in the overflow of a deeply personal and intimate relationship with her Savior Jesus Christ. The legacy of faith she has passed on has rippled far wider than we may ever know.

Even in this moment, this celebration of her life, she wants to pass on her faith. To tell you about her Jesus – her rock, her friend, her Savior. She chose the songs and verses shared here today as an invitation to all of us. An invitation and opportunity to walk through life knowing personally the Savior who guided her, comforted her and walked with her throughout her life.

As I watched my mom live out the soundtrack of her life to the glory of God, we who remain are invited as well to come to Jesus. To respond to His call and to grow in a personal relationship with Him.

The following song is the final anthem my mom wanted to share in the soundtrack of her life. This is her hearts deepest desire to share with you.”


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Jeanne Hefner said...

Precious, captivating, inspiring words.
Thank you for sharing your sweet momma's testimony to her life and passionate love of our savior. Also, thank YOU... for your servant's heart and desire to love others as she did❣