Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Tip Tuesday

All right, this is for all you frugal, save a buck kinda people. I recently saw a blog post about the color wheel activity idea here that made me come up with this idea. I love the website Totally Tots and get a lot of ideas from there and from some of their contributors so I cannot claim total creativity on this idea. The girls always come home from church with crafts and coloring pages that almost always go straight into the craft box that I empty a couple times a year but after seeing an idea about putting sheet protectors over worksheets so they can be used multiple times I thought I could do the same with the church papers. When they have a sheet protector over them they can be used with play dough or some food color water with medicine droppers. I tried it with the girls today to go over their lessons from this week and last week and they had a blast. I converted a few nice coloring/activity books into sheet protectors as well so that they can be used several times. I think this is going to be a great way for my girls to do activities and games and is a great way for me not to have to waste a ton of paper and printer ink by printing them over and over. If a person has access to a laminator then that is the best idea but since I am too cheap to buy one, sheet protectors will have to suffice. Here are some pictures of the girls using the medicine droppers and colored water.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chasing Butterflies

We've had a couple busy, fun and exciting weeks here. I love finally being able to get outside and am enjoying just how much the girls are learning to play together. So many things to update but pictures first.

The loot after Easter Egg hunt!

Easter week crafts

The Last Supper dinner table

After Easter sale - 40 cent entertainment!

Butterfly week - painting caterpillars

Emma putting beads on caterpillar pipe cleaner

Lydia adding caterpillar circles - math skills

Chasing butterflies - literally! (It is a really good work out. )

I actually caught one and it was pretty neat. I found the nets at Gabes for 99 cents and I am sure they were worth it.

On another note, 27 couples signed up for Do Not Disturb. We had our first night and were really excited about the turnout and the discussion. I will post more about this later.