Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spiritual Disciplines

I am a big fan and proponent of spiritual disciplines. I have always had a desire to grow in the areas of prayer, Bible reading/studying, meditation, memorization and the like. I hope that those who know me most know just how much I love God's Word. I find that it is my source of strength and encouragement for everything in my life and I spend time everyday reading the Bible. I started reading the Bible on a daily basis my freshman in college and though that was a number of years ago I am still very far from being a Biblical Scholar. I have however read the Bible in it's entirety a handful of times and keep going back for more.

There are many reasons I love the Word of God so much and I want to share a few. I know that when I show up to my quiet time I am doing something good for myself and those around me. Sure that may seem a bit selfish but it's true. There have been seasons of my life that reading the Bible is about all I can do and yes, as a young mother, I have even been known to yell at my kids to stop bothering me while I am reading my Bible. Now granted, that is not a recommendation, but it's also the truth. During the year after Emma was born and I was struggling with postpartum depression I read the entire Bible that year and it felt like such a huge accomplishment. I didn't take time to study, memorize or meditate much but just showing up to the the Bible, God's living and active Word, helped me through that year.

Another reason I love the Bible is because I have never found reading it to be repetitive. Having read it more than once I can still say I read things in it I have never read before. That has to do with the Holy Spirit and the fact that I don't always write things down and certainly can't remember everything. The Bible has simply never gotten old for me.

I find so much personal application and worldly application that I just read the Bible to understand myself and the world around me in a way that glorifies God. I read the Bible to better understand love, grace and forgiveness. Holiness, righteous living and how to glorify God. I read the Bible to survive and thrive in this life.

Now, I say these things for a couple reasons. 1. To encourage you to read the Bible and to see just how God wants to work in your life. 2. To invite you to a dinner my church is having on Sunday in which you can hear one of the women who has instilled in me a passion for God Word speak. I owe a lot to this woman and her taking a young woman and turning her into a woman who loves God's Word. If you want more details let me know and I will be glad to share the info so you can soak in some of her wisdom and advice.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Funny Friday

Apparently I am raising a shopper. Emma loves to sing and I caught her the other day at lunch singing Never Let Go by Matt Redman. I didn't realize she even knew the song because we don't sing it at Boost 226 on Sunday mornings and those are the songs she usually sings but regardless this is what I heard her singing. The lyrics to the chorus are as follows: "O no, You never let go, through the calm and through the storm...." Emma's lyrics: "O no, You never let go, through the calm and through the store..." I thought it was priceless and it made me laugh. Apparently she goes shopping with God.

On another funny Friday post to purge myself of motherhood confessions. The girls and I took the recyclables to the bins today and it is funny to me to judge just how well the month went. When I see several pizza boxes, mac n cheese and (are you ready for the worst of it) yes even spaghetti o cans I know I was not on the top of my game. I can say menu planning is something, that even though I am a perfectionist, I am horrible at. Have a blessed weekend.