Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our day looked like this...

We woke up and went to church. I was serving so we had to stay for both services. Sometimes it is difficult for the girls to have good attitudes about the second service but today they both actually wanted to stay, even past when I was done with my duties. After church we came home.  The girls played nicely with each other and then we ate a late lunch. I started to get some Christmas decorations out and helped the girls put their Christmas trees in their rooms. Justin came home we talked a few minutes to catch up and we all watched a new movie that some friends had given us. After that was done we had some quiet time. The girls played together in their room but Lydia kept coming out of her room to let me know how much her tooth was bothering her and how she wanted to go to the dentist tonight. I worked on the final preparations for our Advent worship time later in the evening. Emma took her bath and Lydia worked on making some cards. We ate dinner and then had family worship time. Justin played guitar for our worship and then we began our Jesse Tree Advent celebration. Lydia read the Bible passage Emma put the ornament card in the tree and then Lydia prayed. Lydia took her bath, I read a few stories and the girls went to bed.  It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful week of family togetherness.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and  our hearts are full as we have so many things to be grateful for.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today I want to remember...

creativity.  I am in the process of turning one of our hall closets into a crafting space.  I have a lot of reasons I want to do this and have been searching out bargains to make it happen in an affordable way.  I want to remember to encourage creativity in my my husband, my children and myself.  Lydia, even as I write, is creating some thanksgiving cards in that hall space.  She is discovering the fun and sometimes long process of coming up with ideas and then creating them.  I hope that I can encourage my husband, my children and myself to enjoy the creativity God has given each of us.  We were made in His image and He is very creative indeed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My favorite story from today...

Today I was watching 2 extra little girls, Emma, another 4 yr old girl and her little sister who is 20 months old.  They were sitting around the lunch table and they got the giggles.  The reason they got the giggles is the universally funny potty word "toot". Now, we don't allow potty talk at the table but once they were already laughing it is pretty hard to stop them.  Besides, it is pretty hard to correct an innocent 20 month year old who is not your own.  I let them have their moment before I put a stop to it but I couldn't help but laugh with them too.  It just proves that no matter what age or what gender some words are always funny.

I am back to the prompts, I spent last week preparing for a youth event at church.  20 kids showed up and I hope they had some semblance of a good time.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Today You....

...made me laugh.  You always do.  It is one of my most favorite parts of who you are.  It was a rather mundane time of the day. We were brushing out teeth and getting ready for bed after a long hard day.  We had been talking about finances and the long list of things in our house that were needing fixed or replaced and then it made me laugh.  You said you missed getting socks and underwear for Christmas.  How as a child no one ever wanted to open socks or underwear as a kid but how right now you would welcome it as, well, lets just say it has been awhile since we have spent money on those things.  I laughed for about a minute straight because I know what you felt like when you said it.  I can relate to wanting something new, I can relate to desiring for just the basics in life and being content with that.  It was a refreshing way to end the day, so thanks you for always making me laugh.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writing Prompts

I love to talk, to process with words.  I always have and  always will.  This month I am going to give a try to processing through written words.  I am using some writing prompts to get me thinking and help me write more often.  My friend Lorrie just finished a similar idea and my friend Misty is doing this during the month of November as well.  Hoping to just begin posting regularly and refining my "voice" as a wannabe writer.  Thanks for reading and hope you get to know me better as a result.